What Makes Silver Gifts So Special?

Fancy treating your loved ones to something they can treasure for a lifetime? 


Silver gifts provide the ultimate representation that you truly care for someone, with their pristine finish being emblematic of the positive vibes associated with joyous occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. 


Whether it’s an elaborate piece of silver jewellery or a simple bookmark, the fact they’re made from silver will instantly transcend them into something made to dazzle and inspire.   


Here’s some of the many reasons silver has continually excelled within the realms of gift giving. 


Silver is Pleasing On The Eye

Quite simply, the bright, shiny sparkle associated with silver is immensely pleasant on the eye. Not only this, but the neutral colour can perfectly compliment any palette, a huge benefit when putting together an outfit. 


There’s something truly classy about the presence of silver, especially given the lavish pieces often used during fine dining. It’s a gloriously neutral tone which also means additional colouring can be added to gifts without ever distorting its appearance. 


Add a Personal Touch with Silver Engraving

Silver can be easily engraved, giving you further opportunities to really show someone how much they mean to you. There are many silver gifts which can have names, dates and other wording included. 


What better way to mark the birth of your child than with personalised silver keyrings with their birthdate inscribed. And using silver bookmarks with your initials etched somewhere will make this otherwise monotonous item feel that little extra special.


Silver is a True Mark of Quality

Unlike many alternatives, having something made from silver means you can be sure of its quality. That’s because many silver gifts come with hallmarks, which indicates the authenticity of the piece. Over the course of several decades, this has been a staple within our long and proud heritage. 


There are four offices in the UK where these are made, with the Hallmarks themselves indicating the origin of your piece. These are Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Sheffield, so if your partner is proud of their origins, this could also be something else to consider when picking out gifts.


Silver Will Forever Be Fashionable

Trends come and fade away, but silver will never go out of fashion. Its simple yet elegant style is the perfect accompaniment to both contemporary and traditional design. For a gift with timeless class, silver is always a safe choice, no matter how much the world changes.


Silver is Always Affordable

Gift giving can be very expensive, and that’s especially the case when you opt for anything made from gold. With silver however, you’ll have something cheaper by comparison but still with the same reputation for excellence.


Light as a Feather

This mainly applies to pieces of silver jewellery, where loved ones will surely be pining to wear stunning items on a regular basis. The lightweight construct of silver makes this very much possible, so things like earrings, bracelets and cufflinks can be a permanent feature behind someone’s appearance without ever causing strain.


Discover The Perfect Gift at The Silver Place

Take a deep dive into our stunning range of silver gifts. We have a bustling collection of bookmarks, keyrings, candlesticks and much more. Get in contact with us directly for further assistance.

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